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     Join us for a once in a lifetime journey to explore essential elements of Riga tech scene.

     The tour is designed to show Riga’s startup ecosystem by attending various sessions held in startups, tech companies, coworking spaces and many more. What is even more intriguing, the tour will consist not only of learning more about the everyday life of Riga’s startups, but also ensure a great possibility to meet new people – session hosts, investors, government representatives. Who knows, maybe one of them will even be your next partner!

     What makes the tour so unique, is a mix of great people sharing their ideas, views, stories about the one thing that unites us all – the Startup role and life in Riga’s ecosystem. 






     Let us paint you a picture: It’s September. The summer is over. You’ve swapped sunscreen for the screen of your laptop. During lunch, you’re ordering coffee, not a glass of a cold Riesling.  Getting back to grinding can bring some blues – it’s alright, we get it. 

     This is why we’ve worked our asses off to create a list of crème de la crème: people with an international voice and startup/tech-related opinion leaders.  intRiga: the startup riot will take these people through the ins and outs of Latvian startup ecosystem but this trip is not all business (when is it ever?). We’ll show them a good time so they would get a taste of how exciting is life here, in Latvia. 

     What does this mean to you? You’ll be able to meet these amazing people in the opening of Startup SAFARI, the tour and other SAFARI events, make meaningful connections and have the chance to learn something new about the startup ecosystems of other jungles!











     This year we are giving an opportunity for the right people to meet by organising 1:1 meetings in collaboration with Startup Day and VEFRESH. More info about investors you will be able to meet and how to apply will follow, until that, polish your one-pagers and be ready.
     If you want to meet startups you need to be an investor pass holder. If you already have it, keep calm, we will write you an email with details, but for now, we can say, you will have a busy first part of the day at 12.09. see you soon!

     If you’re a startup looking for an investor, this is your chance to apply.


Breakfast with LatBAN

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Special invitation-only event for investor pass holders!

Details TBA!